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Conference 2017

React Native EU

September 6th-7th, Wroclaw, Poland

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React Native comes to Poland

Mike Grabowski

First conference in the world to focus on anything and everything React Native. No web, backend or general purpose talks. We've seen it already. Community, core contributors, insights, networking and tons of knowledge - that's all waiting for you in one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe - Wroclaw.

There are lots of tricky things with React Native, partially because of iOS and Android ecosystems. There are lots of unanswered questions hanging around, or just people struggling to find answers for problems that may seem trivial to us. This conference is the place they can visit, get answers to questions and go home start writing their next cool startup. And that’s the real purpose of the conference. I am excited for Callstack.io, the company I've founded, to be part of this transformation.

Mike Grabowski Co-funder @Callstack.io Mike Grabowski


  • Emil Sjölander
    Emil Sjölander Facebook

    Emil works on building frameworks at Facebook. Lately he has spent most of his time working on Yoga, a cross platform open source layout engine. Yoga is used in React Native as well as many other frameworks built both within and outside of Facebook. Emil loves working with the open source community to build cool stuff.

  • Eloy Durán
    Eloy Durán Artsy

    Eloy Durán is a serial open-sourcerer and lead engineer at Artsy, where he has overseen the adaptation of React Native in Artsy’s pre-existing flagship iOS app. Coming from a long history in Apple development, he started the CocoaPods project (the npm/Yarn for Xcode projects) and has worked on various other technologies.

  • Ken Wheeler
    Ken Wheeler Formidable Labs

    Director of Open Source at Formidable and the author of libraries like Slick Carousel, McFly, react-music, webpack-dashboard, Spectacle.

  • Satyajit Sahoo
    Satyajit Sahoo Callstack

    A Front-End Javascript Developer at Callstack.io, with a passion for design. He likes to learn new things and is a very fast learner. He is stubborn and he doesn’t like to leave problems unsolved. He pays attention to minor details.

  • Gant Laborde
    Gant Laborde Infinite Red

    As tech lead for the San Francisco company Infinite Red, Gant works remotely from his home and uses his self-managed autonomy to explore a variety of leadership arts. Besides managing the all-remote team from around the world, Gant has become a published author, adjunct professor, volunteer mentor, and a speaker at conferences world-wide.

  • Ville Immonen
    Ville Immonen Reindex

    Consulting developer building stuff with React and React Native. Co-creator of Reindex – the first GraphQL backend as a service. Create React App maintainer.

  • Tal Kol
    Tal Kol Wix

    Head Of Mobile Engineering at Wix. A full-stack developer, co-founded two technology companies, the latter acquired by Wix.

  • Andre Staltz
    Andre Staltz

    Open source hacker and former web and mobile developer at Futurice. He is known for his involvement with reactive programming for user interfaces, particularly with the ReactiveX libraries. Andre has built JavaScript libraries and tools such as Cycle.js and xstream.

  • Eric Vicenti
    Eric Vicenti Facebook

    A self-taught web developer who has been working on React Native and apps at Facebook since joining in 2014. He now focuses on the needs of the React Native open-source community.

  • Jani Eväkallio
    Jani Eväkallio Formidable Labs

    Lead Mobile Engineer at Formidable Labs, creator of Pepperoni app blueprint, GitHub drive-by shooter, and an unapologetic React Native fanboy. He dreams of the convergence of web and mobile development; a singularity, if you will.

  • Nader Dabit
    Nader Dabit React Native Training

    Specializing in Teaching & Building Cross-Platform Applications. Founder of React Native Training, host at React Native Radio, author of “React Native in Action”.

  • Alexey Kureev
    Alexey Kureev Werkspot

    Software engineer passionate about React, React Native and their ecosystem. Co-author of RNPM. Author of "How to create your own native bridge" articles.

  • Martin Konicek
    Martin Konicek

    Martin has worked on React Native as a member of Facebook team.

  • Vladimir Novick
    Vladimir Novick CodeValue

    Web Architect at CodeValue, Consultant, Author of “React-Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript”, Indie Game Dev and IoT enthusiast. He brings with him lots of experience with various frameworks and FED technologies. Being ReactJS Israel Co-Organizer, he absolutely loves ReactJS and try to bring it to the masses, while on his daily job writing in ReactJS & React Native, Redux, Es6/7. Vladimir previously worked in Gaming industry as Lead Front End Developer & Architect, Team Leader and Senior FED.

  • Aaron Greenwald
    Aaron Greenwald Wix

    Before mobile development with React Native existed, Aaron architected and built web apps using AngularJS and other web development tech. Now he’s part of the team building Wix’s mobile presence, and is focused on delivering first-class experiences to users who need their business to be mobile.

  • Michael Haberman
    Michael Haberman Independent Consultant

    Michael Haberman (MCT, MCPD, AWS solution architect, GDG organiser) is a senior consultant and Lecturer. He is a fullstack expert, which specializes in rich client technologies such as Javascript, HTML & CSS, Loves Node JS and AWS. Micro services is my new specialty. Michael is the co–author of Microsoft’s official courses for Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# (20484C) and Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# (20485C). In addition to consulting Michael train, lecture and speak at conferences both in Israel and abroad.

  • Adrien Thiery
    Adrien Thiery Osedea

    React Native Jedi, I’m doing a lot of React and PHP as well. On my free time, I’m doing python and DevOps related stuff. Living in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada these days.

  • Philippe Trépanier
    Philippe Trépanier OSEDEA

    Full Stack Software developer. Focused on streamlining the development process for all platforms. Open-source devops whenever possible.

  • Naoufal Kadhom
    Naoufal Kadhom Netflix

    Naoufal is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. At Netflix, Naoufal writes cross-platform JavaScript that enables millions of people like yourself to binge-watch the latest Netflix Original. He previously worked as a Senior UI Engineer at Unsplash. When he isn’t shipping the latest and greatest at Netflix, he can be found attempting (and failing) to avoid San Francisco hills while running and cycling.

  • Florian Rival
    Florian Rival BAM

    Florian works at BAM in Paris with a team of 30 guys building mobile apps using React Native. They started using React Native since it was released and became the largest team in Paris working with the framework since then. He's also the author of GDevelop, an open source game creator software to make games without programming - built with React, Electron and Emscripten. His last side project is Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH - a cross platform game powered by Javascript.


Each workshop day will end around 6 PM CEST.

The workshops ticket includes the whole, 2-day session. On the second day, you can chose freely between the workshops from both tracks.

September 4th

Mike Grabowski & Nader Dabit
Callstack.io React Native Training

Getting Started with React Native [an all-day session]

About the workshop

With React Native, you don't build a “mobile web app”, an “HTML5 app”, or a “hybrid app”. You build a real mobile app that's indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java. React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You just put those building blocks together using JavaScript and React. In this workshop you'll learn from a React Native core-contributor as he guides you through the framework, ecosystem, syntax, and best practices to build a real-world application.

  • Introduction to React Native (setting up project, tools, debug)
  • Quick glance at the standard app
  • Core components (layout, styling)
  • Lists (ScrollView, ListView)
  • Navigation
  • Animations
  • Native modules

Before the workshop, please follow the installation instructions to prepare all the software dependencies. macOS devices are preferred, but *nix and Windows powered machines would also work, although you won't be able to build iOS applications.
No React Native knowledge is required. Participants should be familiar with Javascript and ideally, basics of React. We will do a quick introduction to both before we start though.

Link to the instalation instructions

Environment setup instructions prerequisites

September 5th

I track
Ville Immonen & Mikhail Novikov

Using GraphQL with React Native

About the workshop

In this workshop you'll learn how to use GraphQL as a data layer of your React Native app with Apollo Client. The workshop assumes basic knowledge of React Native and GraphQL. We will build a small application that uses an existing GraphQL API to interact with data.

  • Setup with create-react-native-app and Expo.
  • Queries and fragments.
  • Mutations and optimistic updates.
  • Pagination.
  • Persisted queries.
  • Schema first development.
Jani Eväkallio & Phil Plückthun
Formidable Labs

Animation and Interaction

About the workshop

In Jani and Phil’s workshop you’ll learn how to bring your apps to life. In this course, you will:

  • Start with React Native’s animation primitives, Animated and LayoutAnimation, to learn how to create buttery smooth high-performance animations.
  • Dive deep into the React Native gesture responder system and the PanResponder API to understand how to build complex touch interactions.
  • Learn how you can simplify animations and interactions with third-party libraries like react-native-animatable, react-native-interactable and react-motion.
  • Understand how you can use animations and interactions to give your app that elusive native feel.
  • Build cool demos that will blow your mind!
II track
Ferran Negre Pizarro & Raúl Gómez Acuña

Navigation in React Native

About the workshop

We’ll implement an application that will be composed of different screens and for that, we’ll leverage 2 different navigation libraries, react-native-navigation and react-navigation. We’ll showcase pros and cons of using each one, focusing on cross-platform, flexibility, developer experience, community behind it, deep linking and more! After this workshop, you should be able to assess with confidence which navigation library suits the best your needs, given your project requirements.

Michał Chudziak & Piotr Drapich

Universal React

About the workshop

During this workshop you’ll learn how to design shareable codebase, create components which are reusable between platforms and handle the differences in gentle way. We’ll show you tools to achieve reusability between web and mobile and also teach you the best practices in cross-platform development.

Conference agenda

September 6th

September 7th

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IBIS Styles Wroclaw Centrum
plac Konstytucji 3 Maja 3
Wroclaw, 50-083

Conference room Conference room Conference room Building View from building Conference room


Pronounciation: /ˈvrɒtswɑːf/

How to get to Wroclaw

By Plane

The airport is located 10 km from the city center. You can get to the city center by the bus, but you can also find car rental companies on the arrival.

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By Train

Conference venue is located across the street from the city’s main railway station.

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By Bus

The bus station is placed 800 m from the conference venue and operates international services to many European countries.

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By Car

Wroclaw is located at the crossroads of many national and international routes, such as: 5, 35, 94, 98, A8, E67, E261, A4, E40.


Important info

Typical weather in September



Power sockets type E
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz

Daily accommodation and food cost.

300-400 PLN on average
(70 - 95 EUR)


Where to stay


Tourist attraction

  • Wroclaw ZOO and Africarium
    Wroclaw ZOO and Africarium

    Poland's first oceanarium and the only one in the world dedicated to flora and fauna of just one continent.

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  • Market Square
    Market Square

    One of the most beautiful old market squares in Europe, with the Old Town Hall and one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.

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  • Ostrów Tumski
    Ostrów Tumski

    Probably most popular tourist attraction in Wroclaw. The original urban settlement with old gas lanterns and Odra water cruises.

    See more
  • Hydropolis

    Water science museum with multimedia and interactive installations, one of only few of this type in the world.

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  • Kolejkowo

    The largest railway model in Poland, featuring Wrocław and Lower Silesia with its railways in miniature.

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  • Polinka

    Fly across the Odra river with Wroclaw University Of Technology’s cableway.

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